A Key to clear up our thinking is: “Let’s Follow Corona Virus Profits.”

Join The Rebellion

Join Our Face Mask Rebellion And World Wide C-19, Lock Down, Face Mask, Social Distancing Lawsuits Based Against Tyranny & Faulty PCR Testing

In addition to mainstream media and politicians, who makes money or gains power from promoting the Covid-19 scare stories?

In addition to mainstream media and politicians, who benefits from pretending the PCR Test isn’t broken?

The question “Who Benefits” helps each of us clarify our thinking about the contradictory statements and scare stories that play non-stop in the media?

Nothing rational will make much sense, if we have to depend on mainstream media to question PCR Testing, who is dying of what, and why do politicians who don’t agree with each other on anything – but that they want more power – get to decide for you and me?

We will be continually electrified into states of fear, stress, confusion, and hate.

Hate is used by manipulators with fear. Whichever is promoted first, the other in never far behind.

Mainstream media is about manipulation. It is almost never about impartial resources to help each of us decide for ourselves. Besides fear, hate, and tragedies create more cash flow for media moguls.

Individual freedom is the only answer to powerful politicians who want more and more control of our lives.

Changing them, like a diaper, doesn’t change anything for long.

Who benefits from our losses?

We’ll explore why billionaires have increased their wealth by 25% since the Covid-19 scare stories started.

But Covid-19 is real!

So are occasional dog bites, that doesn’t mean we should shut down the country to avoid such a small possibility.


In scenes reminiscent of a third world country somewhere, military troops are moving into several US cities and commercial establishments are boarding up their windows as America goes to the polls to select its next president. How did we get to such a state where an orderly transition has become a literal battleground? Also today, Dr. Fauci admits the PCR test for coronavirus is all but useless as it is administered in the US and California tyrant governor Newsom gets a smackdown from the California supreme court.


On elections, the book “Voter Fraud,” chronicled that Voter Fraud was an historic, current, and future problem being made worse by those pretending to fix it.


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